Zoom A goblet with a 3d black dragon on it rests on an altar with snake skin, a skull and tarot cards
Zoom A goblet with a 3d black dragon rests on a bed of autumn leaves
Zoom A goblet with a 3d black dragon rests on an altar with tarot cards and books
Zoom A goblet with a 3d black dragon rests filled with red wine on a bed of autumn leaves
Zoom A goblet with a 3d black dragon rests filled with red wine on a bed of autumn leaves

The Black Dragon Goblet

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Introducing the ultimate vessel for dragon enthusiasts and practitioners of the mystical arts: our stunning dragon goblet.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this goblet features a proud black dragon, meticulously sculpted in resin to capture every scale and ridge. The dragon wraps around the goblet, its wings lifted high as if ready to take flight.

But the beauty of this goblet isn't just skin-deep. The inner of the goblet is made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring that your drink stays at the perfect temperature and is easy to clean.

Whether you're raising a toast to your favourite dragon-related fantasy series or using it as a centrepiece for your next magickal ritual, this goblet is sure to be a conversation starter.

So why settle for a boring, mundane drinking vessel when you can raise your chalice to the glory of dragons in style? Let the dragon's fire fuel your next adventure!

The powerful black dragon. It is known as a cunning dragon with a love of bargaining. They are fiercely protective of their hordes and their homes and are special among European dragons because of their love of water. They are depicted with large horns, ambushing from water sources.

In dreams, seeing a black dragon can mean using intelligence when unable to see an outcome and taking on the responsibility to rekindle your soul's fire.

In witchcraft, the chalice represents the mother's womb and the waters held within it. Recognising that we are born from water and need water to continue to survive. 

Because of this, the chalice has an honoured place on alters and in rituals. It is believed that sipping from the chalice in ritual can grant spiritual powers and even immortality.

The chalice is one of the four foundational tools in witchcraft. Alongside the athame representing the element air, the wand represents the element fire and the pentacle represents the element earth. These four tools are used extensively in witchcraft to draw the power of the elements to the ritual space of spell work, divination and celebration.

Why have your Black Dragon Chalice Blessed?

Blessing by our priestesses is optional. Blessing includes the infusion of our mantra "Always to help. Never to harm", anointed with moon water and sacred essential oils charged by the elements.

This blessing means your Chalice is no longer an ordinary item. The Beckoning Broom priestesses' magic breathes life into the Chalice transforming it into a powerful tool.

With our blessing, the Chalice will be significantly more potent for non-witches, beginner witches and experienced witches alike.

Our blessing gives it power and divinity of its own.

Your Black Dragon Chalice Details

Size of Chalice:
Height: 19cm (7½") 
Width: 8.5cm (3¼")

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The Black Dragon Goblet



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