Zoom Vintage Genuine Sacred Deer JAW BONE (Limited Stock)
Zoom Vintage Genuine Sacred Deer JAW BONE (Limited Stock)
Zoom Vintage Genuine Sacred Deer JAW BONE (Limited Stock)
Zoom Vintage Genuine Sacred Deer JAW BONE (Limited Stock)
Zoom Vintage Genuine Sacred Deer JAW BONE (Limited Stock)

Vintage Genuine Sacred Deer JAW BONE (Limited Stock)

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Your Deer Jaw Bone

The stag is a timeless symbol of life and death. The deer's yearly cycle holds powerful symbolism and ancient mythology sacred to Druids and Pagans all around the world.

The life cycle of the deer herd is a fascinating one. In autumn, the head stag mates with most of the females in the herd. In winter, the doe's bellies grow large as they follow the head stag to places with the promise of food. In spring, does give birth to their young and the herd grows large with bouncing baby fawns. In summer, the head stag and young bucks grow large antlers to fight and defend the herd.

When autumn comes around again, the young stags challenge the head stag for his title. The strongest of the young stags often kills the old head stag and the cycle repeats. Year after year the old king of the deer is killed and lays down his life to better the herd and allow the cycle to continue.

Ancient people respected and honoured this timeless knowledge of the new replacing the old for the betterment of the whole. Old pagan communities in England, Scotland and Wales lived by this law of nature by having the king swear to lay down his life if the crops failed or some other natural disaster occurred. It was believed that the king's blood spilled on the Earth, would replenish the Earth's reproductive powers and inspire her to give birth once more, in the form of crops, healthy babies, warm weather and a good hunt.

The deer became the stag god or horned man, Cernunnos which means horn or antler. He represented the divine masculine cycle of birth and death. He is a Celtic and Gaelic god of nature, the awakener of the goddess's powers of fertility and his ability to care for her as she creates the world anew each year. He represents both the human hunter and the hunted deer in their dance of life and death. Cernunnos was painted on the walls of caves and depicted on cauldrons, the cauldron being the representation of the mother's womb and the goddess's womb that gives birth to all creation. Cernunnos was and always will be courting the goddess so that she will give birth in the new year. Then dying as the new god replaces him, laying down his life for the next generation to thrive.

In our day and age, we have become out of touch with the yearly cycle of death and renewal. We are taught to hoard and hold on to what we have for as long as possible. Because of this, we are not encouraged to let go and we're not taught or encouraged to grieve properly. Working with the natural cycle of the deer can put us back in touch with nature and its cycles. Letting go each autumn, Nurturing our hopes and dreams in winter, tending and working the good things in our lives in spring and basking and sharing our harvest, whatever that may be, in the summer. It's comforting to know we can rely on this yearly cycle, always knowing there's always tomorrow, next month and next year to try again, move on and start again.

Bones hold the spiritual essence of the animal they belonged to. Animal magic is powerful, pure and easy to call upon. Shamans keep bones to connect and befriend animal spirits. From this connection, the animal spirits might be willing to do favours for you or defend you.

Others have used their Jaw bone:

  • For art and craft projects
  • For carving
  • For making mobiles
  • For making wind chimes
  • To put on their altars
  • As a quirky ornament
  • For use as a wand
  • As a decoration 
  • To call on the spirit of the deer to assist in spells

Why have your Deer Bone Blessed?

Blessing by our priestesses is optional. Blessing includes the infusion of our mantra "Always to help. Never to harm", anointed with moon water and sacred essential oils charged by the elements.
This blessing means your bone is no longer an ordinary item. The Beckoning Broom priestesses' magic breathes life into the bone transforming it into a powerful tool.

With our blessing, the bone will be significantly more potent for non-witches, beginner witches and experienced witches alike.

Our blessing gives it power and divinity of its own.

Your Deer Bone Details


1 x Deer Jaw Bone


16-17cm long

9-10cm wide

Each size, shape and condition varies as it is a real deer jaw bone. You will receive a random piece similar to the ones shown. Our deer bones are from deer at least 2-1/2 years old. 


Shipping Note

*Please note some states or countries do not accept some items that contain dirt, sand, animal products or plant matter. So please check with your local postal service or customs about shipping restrictions before purchasing this item.

If Beckoning Broom items are unaccepted and returned, you will be charged the shipping fee. If Beckoning Broom items are considered unaccepted and destroyed, you will be charged the shipping fee and partial item compensation (50% of the value). 

Beckoning Broom has your best interest at heart and it's our highest intention that your items arrive safely.

Vintage Genuine Sacred Deer JAW BONE (Limited Stock)



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