Zoom A goblet with skulls all over it sits filled with wine on a bed of autumn leaves
Zoom A goblet with skulls all over it sits on a bed of autumn leaves
Zoom A goblet with skulls all over it sits on an altar with books, a candle, tarot cards and a black feather
Zoom The base of a goblet with skulls all over it sits on a bed of autumn leaves

Aztec Tower Of Skulls Chalice

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Raise your chalice to the ancient gods with our striking Aztec-inspired goblet.

The exterior boasts a mesmerising tower of skulls, crafted from durable resin and reminiscent of the Huey Tzompantli, the ancient Aztec skull rack.

The stainless-steel inner ensures your drink stays at the perfect temperature, making it the perfect accessory for any magical ritual or ceremony.

Make a statement with this one-of-a-kind goblet.

The Aztec tower of skulls in Tenochtitlan called Huey Tzompantli, in the heart of Mexico City, is a great mystery. It may have been a gift to the Gods so they would be pleased and put off destroying the universe or as a warning to warring tribes or perhaps just for decoration. 

The Aztecs believed that life was a dream and that death was the only reality. Because of this they weren't afraid to die and viewed death as an honour. Human sacrifices were necessary for their culture to please their many Gods. The Gods enjoyed human hearts and souls best because of their spiritual complexity. 

In witchcraft, the chalice represents the mother's womb and the waters held within it. Recognising that we are born from water and need water to continue to survive. Because of this, the chalice has an honoured place on alters and in rituals. It is believed that sipping from the chalice in ritual can grant spiritual powers and even immortality.

The chalice is one of the four foundational tools in witchcraft. Alongside the athame representing the element air, the wand represents the element fire and the pentacle represents the element earth. These four tools are used extensively in witchcraft to draw the power of the elements to the ritual space of spell work, divination and celebration.

Why have your Tower Of Skulls Chalice Blessed?

Blessing by our priestesses is optional. Blessing includes the infusion of our mantra "Always to help. Never to harm", anointed with moon water and sacred essential oils charged by the elements.

This blessing means your Chalice is no longer an ordinary item. The Beckoning Broom priestesses' magic breathes life into the Chalice transforming it into a powerful tool.

With our blessing, the Chalice will be significantly more potent for non-witches, beginner witches and experienced witches alike.

Our blessing gives it power and divinity of its own.

Your Tower Of Skulls Chalice Details

Size of Chalice:

Height: 19cm (7½") 

Width: 8.5cm (3¼")


1 stunning Aztec Tower of Skulls Chalice

Aztec Tower Of Skulls Chalice



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