Zoom Bronze goddess sculpture wearing three tiger's eye triangle pendants on silver chains
Zoom Three tiger's eye crystal triangle pendants on silver chains resting on egyptian hieroglyphic parchment
Zoom Three tiger's eye triangle pendants on silver chains resting on lava rock
Zoom Three tiger's eye triangle pendants on silver chains worn by bronze torso sculpture

Crystal Tiger's Eye Trinity Necklace Talisman of Victory & Enlightenment

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Introducing our stunning crystal tiger's eye trinity necklace - the perfect piece for those who embrace the magick of crystals and the spiritual realm.

This pendant features a beautiful tiger's eye pendant that measures 17mm x 10mm and is carved from a lustrous tiger's eye crystal. The elegant chain is crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver, is 400mm long and complements the pendant perfectly, making this necklace a must-have for any spiritual jewellery collection.

Tiger's eye has been known to hold the energy to defeat one's opponent and can ensure victory in any competitive situation, people find that this crystal commands love and loyalty; offers protection from treachery and deception; increases the body's immune system. 

This breath-taking crystal holds the feeling of a guardian spirit, tiger's eye amulets have been worn to ward off bad spirits, protecting the wearer.

In ancient Egypt, the beautiful bands of gold displayed in the tiger's eye crystal were heavily believed to be the rays of the powerful sun god Ra, embodied by the tiger.

Tiger's eye is a beneficial helper for people with a Capricorn star sign. Capricorn's are an Earth sign, they are hard working, fiercely goal orientated and completely preoccupied with their hobbies. Tiger's eye is enlivening to the solar plexus chakra, giving grounded Capricorn's the energy they need to keep up with their naturally problem solving minds.

Tiger's eye is also harmonising to the Capricorn's personality by encouraging them to use their imagination and creativity to solve problems rather than always relying on outside information. By working closely with tiger's eye, Capricorns can start to decide for themselves whether or not a project is worth their time. They can become more discerning and not always get distracted with new projects before finishing others. 

The symbol of the inverted triangle, or trinity, is connected to the Goddess because it is one of the shapes of the yoni. In alchemy, it is the symbol of water which also connects to the Goddess. Having this symbol on you strengthens feminine power and increases intuition and the ancient wisdom of water. Because it points downwards it anchors you to the ground calming the mind and grounding the body. Three points represent the birth of something new and the third eye. Often the third eye is represented by a triangle. In Paganism, the sacred trinity is associated with the triple Moon goddess, the maiden, the mother and the crone.

This beautiful tiger's eye pendant sits on a sterling silver chain. The metal silver is the metal of the Moon. It's a feminine metal that's caring, loving and protecting.

It is also closely connected with the Fairy Folk or the Good Neighbours because they dance by the Moon and honour her phases. 

Size of Pendant:
Length: 17mm
Width:   10mm
Length of chain: 400mm

1 Tiger's Eye Crystal Triangle Pendant Necklace set in metal bail on a Fine Sterling Silver Chain

*Due to variations in formation, crystals vary in colour, texture and patterns even when they are from the same cluster and may vary from the images shown.

Crystal Tiger's Eye Trinity Necklace Talisman of Victory & Enlightenment



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