Zoom Gold Framed Black Mirror with Shell Shields for Scrying & Divination
Zoom Gold Framed Black Mirror with Shell Shields for Scrying & Divination
Zoom Gold Framed Black Mirror with Shell Shields for Scrying & Divination
Zoom Gold Framed Black Mirror with Shell Shields for Scrying & Divination
Zoom Gold Framed Black Mirror with Shell Shields for Scrying & Divination

Gold Framed Black Mirror with Shell Shields for Scrying & Divination

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This stunning handcrafted black mirror has a gorgeous shell frame for powerful divination. The medium size is 22.5cm long and 18cm wide while the large size is 26cm long and 21cm wide. 

Using scrying mirrors is a powerful form of divination that has roots deep in ancient rituals. The Mayan, Aztec and Purepecha people of Mesoamerica used black mirrors made out of rare slabs of obsidian to predict the future and guide the leaders of the community in important decisions.

Female shamans from ancient Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Tarim basin of North West China were found buried with common themes of the tree of life headdresses, medicine bags, incense, amulets and sacred mirrors placed against their bodies facing outwards.
Tibetan shamans use mirrors to deflect negative energies, use in healing and to give as sacred gifts.
A miko, the shrine maidens (once known as shamans) of Japan also kept the “sacred mirror” of the sun goddess Amaterasu, who is the highest deity. She had her son rule over japan. She gave him a sacred mirror for him and his successors to have access to perpetual divine sun.

In Australia, the paperbark eucalyptus trees grow in swamps and dye the water black with their tannins, creating a giant black mirror with the reflection of the trees cast below. The black water is represented by the black mirror. By looking into the black mirror one can connect with the ancestors.

Refection is used to clearly see our inner selves and is important when working spiritually. You can sit in front of your mirror and ask to "see" what it is you need for your growth.

You may not see anything with your physical eyes, and that's okay, in fact, it's very common to see nothing at all with your physical eyes.

The way you "see" might be through feelings, dreams, daydreams, thoughts or synchronicities that occur over the next few weeks. Be open to how the seeing comes to you.

A black mirror is a useful tool in magick. Use it to:

  • Reflect negative energies. Useful for placing outside your house reflecting unwanted energies from neighbours
  • Divining, see below for instructions

  • Place on your altar for astral travel
  • Give as a special gift
  • For self-reflection. Gaze in the mirror and let your thoughts expand
  • Connect with ancestors
  • Communicate with deities 
  • Reflect our spiritual self for healing and growth 

The black mirror is a portal of consciousness. When divining, it has a similar feeling of gazing into water. It morphs reflections and can tell vivid stories.

You can use your black scrying mirror to access your shadow self, talk to deities, spirits and souls in the underworld.

The word ''scry'' is the origin of our word today ''describe''. Scrying had been used by the Celts, Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians, Native Americans and Ancient Sumerians to reveal hidden knowledge and warp the strands of time to see into the past and the future.

Start by building a connection to your black scrying mirror by gazing into it for a few minutes regularly. Prop it up in a dark room with only one source of light, making sure there is no reflection. It will look like you're gazing into a deep black pool. Focus on your breath, keep your gaze soft and quiet your thoughts.

With practice and patience you will either see symbolic shapes, people and places being acted out, visions in your mind, hear voices, smell smells, or feel pressure or tingling somewhere in your body, you may wish to speak or even speak in tongues or a combination of any of the above.

There is no right or wrong when scrying. Write down your experiences afterward or you may forget them. Scrying is similar to a dreamlike space and it's easily forgotten by the conscious mind.

Once you have practiced scrying and developed a connection with your black scrying mirror, you can start practicing different techniques such as gazing at your face in the mirror with a candle in front of you.

Your face may disappear after a while or change into someone else’s or change slightly into the face of yourself in a different time or parallel universe.

There are countless ways to use your black scrying mirror. Try out a few different methods to see what works for you, everyone is different and you'll begin to create your own method with practice.  

It's a good idea to cast protection on yourself or ask your guides to create a screen where only helpful messages can enter before you begin.  

Have Your Black Mirror Blessed

The Beckoning Broom priestesses recommend that you have your items blessed. 

Their blessing holds 3 intentions:

1. To add protection to your magickal workings

2. To infuse the item with a powerful energy force

3. To bind the item to ethcial use

Blessing includes the infusion of our protection mantra "Always to help. Never to harm". It is anointed with our sacred moon water and essential oils charged by the elements.

This blessing means your Beckoning Broom item is imbued with power. The priestesses' magick breathes life into it transforming the item into a highly potent tool for your magickal deeds.

You can learn more about our Blessing here.

Features and Further Details

Additional Features: Gorgeous shell frame black mirror for powerful divination

Includes: 1 Shell Framed Black Mirror

Approx Size: 


  • Length 22.5cm (8¾")
  • Width 18cm (7")


  • Length 26cm (10¼")
  • Width 21cm (8¼")



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Gold Framed Black Mirror with Shell Shields for Scrying & Divination



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