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Zoom Large black ceramic mug with white skulls and orange inside on pentagram wood block surrounded by dry leaves

Large Black SKULL MUG Cup With White Skulls & Orange Inside for Powerful Witch's Brews (Coffee)

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Your Skull Mug

This large skull cup is perfect for your cuppa. It is a delight to hold and drink from. It makes a big drink.
Others have purchased this cup for:
  • Making a ritual drink.
  • Use in a spell.
  • A key container.
  • Making moon water.
  • A gift.
  • Enjoying a nice cuppa in the morning.

This cool Skull Mug has been apporved and carefully selected by the Beckoning Broom family. We have found this mug a wonderful for your ritual cuppa. When visitors see it, they are in awe. They love it.

We know you'll love this Skull Mug as much as we do.

The Skull Pattern:

Skulls protect the brain and consciousness so in magic the same principle applies. Having a skull with you is useful to protect you from harmful spirits and keep your consciousness focused on your higher purpose.

Skulls are used in spells regarding changetransformation, development, protection and knowledge and are perfect for honouring a loved one's past, distant ancestors and places of heritage



The Black Background With White Skulls:

Black & white is the symbol of light and darkness, the day and night. Using black and white in shamanism is the awareness and acceptance of our shadow self and our golden self. Both are important parts of ourselves.

This black and white symbolism is believed to go back as far as human history and has appeared in a vast number of cultures. It is etched deeply in our psyche.

The Orange Inside:

Orange is the colour of fun, creativity, joy, enthusiasm, luck, curiosity and self-expression. It's been said that orange is helpful with creative block.

It is also a colour strongly associated with Halloween. The celts would light sacred fires during the festival of Samhain and orange represents these fires. Samhain is the Irish and Scottish peoples' ancient pagan festival of the dead.

Also at this time, the deciduous trees' leaves begin to turn orange before dropping. A gorgeous sight in Autumn.

 Why have your Skull Mug Blessed?

Blessing by our priestesses is optional. Blessing includes the infusion of our mantra "Always to help. Never to harm", anointed with moon water and sacred essential oils charged by the elements. 

This blessing means your Skull Mug is no longer an ordinary item. The Beckoning Broom priestesses' magic consecrates the cup transforming it into a powerful tool.

With our blessing, the Skull Mug will be significantly more potent for anyone using the cup.

Our blessing gives it power and divinity of its own, making your cup super powerful.

Your Skull Mug Details

1 Skull Mug 

Large Black SKULL MUG Cup With White Skulls & Orange Inside for Powerful Witch's Brews (Coffee)



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