Zoom A hand holds a large cream mug with a blue rim and a lizard or gecko in black on the front with greenery in the background.
Zoom A large cream mug with a blue rim and a lizard or gecko on the front rests on a mossy log.
Zoom A large cream mug with a blue rim and a lizard or gecko on the front.
Zoom Large LIZARD or GECKO Spirit Animal Ceramic MUG Tea Coffee Cup

Large LIZARD or GECKO Spirit Animal Ceramic MUG Tea Coffee Cup

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Introducing the perfect mug for those who embrace their spirit animal and love to start their day with a touch of spirituality. This beautiful large mug features a stunning lizard design on the side, bringing a touch of nature and symbolism to your morning routine.

With its generous size, you'll have plenty of room for your favourite hot beverage, whether it's a soothing herbal tea or a rich, bold coffee. Imagine sipping your favourite drink from this unique and meaningful mug, feeling connected to your spirit animal and the natural world around you.

Crafted with care from high-quality materials, this mug is both sturdy and beautiful, making it the perfect addition to your collection of spiritual tools. Whether you're enjoying a quiet moment alone or sharing your passion for spirituality with friends, this mug is sure to spark conversation and bring a smile to your face.

So why wait? Embrace your spirit animal and connect with the natural world every day with this beautiful lizard mug. Order yours today and start each morning with a touch of spirituality and a warm, comforting drink in hand.

Lizards are exceptional communicators. The Toltec shamans use lizards for communication magic. The beautiful sound of the bones rattling calls the spirit of the lizard.

Use this lizard to prevent misunderstands and arguments and to enable you to communicate clearly, truthfully and directly.

Drink from this mug to improve the quality of your home and relationships.

Lizards shed their skin representing rebirth and renewal. They also sacrifice their tail when in danger representing bravery and outwitting enemies. Overall this makes this lizard a powerful ally in spell work. 

lizards are extremely auspicious. They hibernate in cooler months and reawaken as the warmth sets in and are associated with rebirth and resurrection.

Adnoartina, the Australian Aboriginal deity comes in the form of a gecko. The gecko is a scared ancestorial being. In the Dreamtime myths, Adnoartina was one of the main players in the creation of Uluru, one of the most sacred places in Australia. In these myths, this deity is often female, but sometimes male and at times non-gendered.

The Egyptian hieroglyphic of a lizard means plentiful abundance.

Lizards chirping, such as geckos, is symbolic of that which is holy in Hindu beliefs.

The Hopi of America call the lizard sacred medicine and that it holds powerful healing. And in the Mayan lizard god, Itzamna mythology it says he created the earth. To the Mayans, the lizard contained a power that is unlimited by time and space. There are numerous native American symbols of intuition and psychic abilities associated with the lizard.

In parts of China, processions of dancers would celebrate rain rituals using lizards amulets and talismans.

The lizard appears in Japanese art as a symbol of sexuality, eroticism and love and a talisman of a lizard is used to procure love. In ancient times one could purchase love potions in small clay pots made from lizards.

To the Celtic, lizards are associated with prophetic dreams or visions. And hearing the geckos chirp on the wedding night, a couple will have prosperity and good fortune.

Lizards are often seen as a sign of positivity in African and middle eastern cultures. The Chameleon represents resurrection.

Lizards are also deemed sacred to Abas (the tenacious and brave Greek warrior god) and Atum (the Egyptian cosmic god and Lord of the Universe)

In Shakespeare's Macbeth, a lizard's leg is used as an ingredient in a witch's magickal brew.

This wonderful spirit animal is steeped in symbolism and magick.

Others have used this cup for

  • Making a ritual drink
  • Use in a spell
  • A key container
  • Making moon water
  • A gift
  • Enjoying a nice cuppa after a big day

 Why have your Lizard Mug Blessed?

Introducing the Sacerdos’s Blessing, a powerful addition to our line of spiritual products.

A sacerdos is a Latin non-gendered term that refers to a priest or priestess in the ancient Roman, Celtic and Gaul religions.

At Beckoning Broom, the priests/priestesses prefer the ancient non-binary term sacerdos to describe themselves.

This Blessing is optional. Blessing includes the infusion of our mantra "Always to help. Never to harm", anointed with moon water and sacred essential oils charged by the elements. 

This blessing means your item is no longer ordinary. The sacerdos’s magic breathes life into the item transforming it into a powerful tool.

With our blessing, the item will be significantly more potent for its use in magick. Our blessing gives it power and divinity, making it an official magickal tool. 

Experience the power of the Sacerdos Blessing for yourself and see the difference it can make in your life. Feel the energy of the blessing in every use.


Your Skull Mug Details

1 Lizard Mug 

Approx Size: 

  • Height 11cm (4½")
  • Width including handle 14cm (5½")

Large LIZARD or GECKO Spirit Animal Ceramic MUG Tea Coffee Cup



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