Zoom A metal lotus trinket box with a lid to the side while smoke wafts from its heart.
Zoom An ornate metal lotus trinket box with a lid
Zoom A metal lotus trinket box with a lid to the side while smoke wafts from its heart resting on a wooden disk with autumn leaves in the background
Zoom A metal lotus trinket box with a lid resting on a wooden pentagram disk with a bed of leaves in the backgroud
Zoom A metal lotus trinket box with a lid resting on a pentagram disk

Large Metal Detailed Cauldron with Lid

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This ornate metal trinket box is the perfect way to store and protect your most precious spiritual trinkets. This beautiful cauldron is 11cm high and 10cm wide. It comes with a removable lid that has a lovely little handle, while the interior is smooth.

The intricate designs and patterns in the metal add a touch of elegance and mysticism to the piece, making it a stunning addition to any altar or sacred space.

This trinket box is the perfect way to honour and elevate the sacred items in your life. It will be a treasured piece for years to come.

Others have used this:

  • As a trinket box
  • As an ornament
  • To put jewellery in
  • As a key dish
  • To mix spells in
  • For smudging or incense
  • As a cauldron

The wise old witch bending over their hearth fire stirring the bubbling cauldron with mysterious ingredients that can cure, sustain, comfort and poison is timeless and its symbolism continues to remind us of our connection and reliance on Mother Earth and each other. 

The witch's cauldron is a powerful tool for transformation magic because it symbolises the mother's pregnant belly full of creative and life-giving power.

In Celtic paganism, the underworld Goddess Cerridwen, the Goddess of transformation, death, rebirth, fertility, regeneration, change and magic was the keeper of a cauldron of knowledge and poetic inspiration. She brewed a potion of wisdom for a year and a day for her son Morfran.

In another story from Celtic paganism, The Dagda, the God of wisdom, strength, fertility and agriculture had a cauldron called Undry that was always full and never emptied.

    You can get the censer kit containing Ritual White Sand + Self-lighting Charcoal + Frankincense Resin that goes perfectly with its use as a censer here


    Why have your cauldron or trinket box blessed

    Introducing the Sacerdos’s Blessing, a powerful addition to our line of spiritual products.

    A sacerdos is a Latin non-gendered term that refers to a priest or priestess in the ancient Roman, Celtic and Gaul religions.

    At Beckoning Broom, the priests/priestesses prefer the ancient non-binary term sacerdos to describe themselves.

    This Blessing is optional. Blessing includes the infusion of our mantra "Always to help. Never to harm", anointed with moon water and sacred essential oils charged by the elements. 

    This blessing means your item is no longer ordinary. The sacerdos’ magic breathes life into the item transforming it into a powerful tool.

    With our blessing, the tool will be significantly more potent for its use in magick. Our blessing gives it power and divinity, making it an official magickal tool.

    Experience the power of Sacerdos’s Blessing for yourself and see the difference it can make in your life. Feel the energy of the blessing in every use. 

    Width: 10cm (4")
    Height:  11cm (4¼")

    Your beautiful Cauldron contains:
    1 metal cauldron with Lid

    Large Metal Detailed Cauldron with Lid



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