Zoom A leather-bound book with an ankh embossed on the front sits on an open page of hieroglyphs from the Egyptian Book of the Dead surrounded by crystals, candles, snakeskin and a feather
Zoom A leather-bound cover of a book with an ankh embossed on it
Zoom A leather-bound book with an ankh embossed on the front sits on bed of autumn leaves with a pen of skulls resting on it
Zoom A leather-bound book with an ankh embossed on the front sits on bed of autumn leaves with a pen of skulls resting on it
Zoom An open leather-bound book with a pen of skulls resting in it nestled on a bed of autumn leaves

Medium Leather Ankh Book of Shadows

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Unlock the mysteries with this stunning 17 x 12cm leather-bound magic book with recycled paper pages featuring an ankh embossed on the front.

Made with recycled handmade unlined paper pages, this notebook is not only eco-friendly but also perfect for recording your spiritual musings and magical workings.

The leather cover not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures that your notes will be protected for years to come.

Whether you're a witch, wizard, or mystic, this notebook will be a valuable tool in your spiritual journey.

The symbol of the Ankh is the oldest cross ever found, dating back to 30 to 29 BC. It was used in ancient Egypt to guide the spirit towards eternal life. The Ankh was placed in the sarcophagi of pharaohs and rested upon their lips. Engravings of the Egyptian Gods in temples often holding an Ankh, handing it to humans to give them life.

The ancient Egyptians painted and engraved the Ankh onto everyday items to increase the life of the item and give it a sacred purpose destined by the Gods. Ankh signs were painted only in blue or black which represented regeneration.

The Ankh is a depiction of a woman's reproductive system and therefore is connected to the life-giving waters of the Nile River. The Ankh also looks like a knot, and because of this some Egyptologists say it's a symbol of protection as well as eternal life. 

The Ankh was also made into physical keys that were only touched by Priests and Priestesses to open and close the tombs at funeral ceremonies. Because of this, the Ankh has a strong connection with death and the opening and closing of the veil between life and death. 

In modern times, the Ankh is a symbol of the vampire because vampires have eternal life and can grant eternal life to others. The vampire as well as the Ankh, are connected with death as well as to undying life. 

By having an Ankh engraved onto this book, it symbolises and therefore holds the power of, everlasting words and undying knowledge, the renewing and life-giving forces of wisdom and the witch's ability to see and travel beyond the veil between the living and the dead, into the underworld.

The genuine, pure leather that covers this book also has magickal symbolism. Leather is connected with protection and healing. It symbolises the strength and guarding of valuables, making this book the ultimate witches' diary.

The pen that comes with this book has its own symbolism as well. Nine skulls sit on top of one another. A channel of all the power from both your ancestors and the energy from the number nine. Nine in numerology represents transformation, leadership, truth and accumulation of wisdom and experience and vibrates with the energy of endings and new beginnings. It receives knowledge from the spirit world and delivers it to us on the earthly plain. Nine is also considered lucky in China.  

The skulls have deep symbolism in change, transformation, and development. Skulls also represent protection and knowledge.

This Ankh Book of shadows is leather-bound, thick 100% recycled handmade paper. Made in India.

Beautiful blank pages for you to write your spells, chants, meditations and dreams. Perfect for art magic, a grimoire or a book of shadows.

Accompanying the book is a skull pen for your sacred writing. It is comfortable to hold and smooth to use.

This is an essential witch tool. Enjoy!

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 Size of Grimoire

  • Height: 17cm ( 6 ¾")
  • Width: 12cm (5 ¾")
  • Depth: 3cm (1 ¼")


  • 1 Leather-bound Grimoire
  • 1 Stacked Skull Pen

Medium Leather Ankh Book of Shadows



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