Zoom Metal 3 Bells Wind Chime with Rainbow Beads & Bronze Pentacle for Protection
Zoom Bronze pentagram pentacle metal wind chime with background of mottled greenery in the garden
Zoom Metal 3 Bells Wind Chime with Rainbow Beads & Bronze Pentacle for Protection

Metal 3 Bells Wind Chime with Rainbow Beads & Bronze Pentacle for Protection

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This beautiful metal wind chime has been approved and carefully selected by the Beckoning Broom family so you have a unique tool to keep you and your garden safe and secure.

This stunning wind chime is 12cm wide and an impressive 28cm long. We have found it a great conversation starter and a unique work of art.

This wind chime makes a meaningful gift.

Customers have:
  1. Hooked it up to catch the breeze by an open window and on a deck (the bells sound lovely when moved by the soft wind)
  2. Placed it on another ornament 
  3. Hooked it on the wall
  4. Arranged on an altar
  5. Used them as Shamanic medicine rattles
  6. Hung in the garden
The Pentagram

This wonderful wind chime has three stars. The symbol of a five-pointed star, or pentagram, symbolises the enlightened human with its arms and legs outspread and its head reaching upwards towards the heavens.

As we are made up of the five elements so is the five-pointed star. Each point holds and opens an element.

The pentagram is traditionally used for protection and to bind evil spirits. Being the ultimate symbol of protection it protects you both physically and spiritually. Five is the number of reaching enlightenment and putting spirit into the material.

It is also traditionally the symbol of good fortune. Bringing good luck to the home that bears this sacred symbol. 

With a circle surrounding a pentagram, it becomes a pentacle. It is the enclosure of protection, the same as the circle cast in ritual. It surrounds the enlightened human in an all-powerful energy shield.

Since ancient times the pentacle has been used to protect from all ill, directed to them but also emanating from them. Giving complete protection from the inside out and the outside in.

The 3 Bells

Bells are sacred because Witches believe bells have an ancient language that speaks directly to the spirit world.

It is said that only higher spirits with good intentions can understand the language but that to negative spirits the bells sound like yells and screams.

That's why Witches hang bells around their homes, it is to scare away negative spirits and attract helpful positive spirits.

This beautiful wind chime has three bells. Three is the sacred number of the triple goddess, the maiden, mother and crone. The three cycles of the divine feminine.

Why have your Wind Chime Blessed?

Blessing by our Priestesses is optional. Blessing includes the infusion of our mantra "Always to help. Never to harm", anointed with Moon water and sacred essential oils charged by the elements. 

This blessing means your wind chime is no longer an ordinary item. The Beckoning Broom priestesses' magic breathes life into the wind chime transforming it into a powerful tool.

With our blessing, the wind chime will be significantly more potent for your home.

Our blessing gives it power and divinity of its own, making every time you hear the tinkle of the bells a pleasant reminder of its meaning.

We know you'll this wind chime as much as we do.

Your Wind Chime Details

Size of WindChime:

Length: 28cm (11")
Width:   12cm (4¾")

1 Bell & Pentacle Wind Chime

Metal 3 Bells Wind Chime with Rainbow Beads & Bronze Pentacle for Protection



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