Interview With A Witch: Finding a lost item using a pendulum

I had the honour of being present when a Beckoning Broom witch had lost an item and I was able to witness first-hand how they looked for it using a pendulum. Here you will find their magic tips on finding lost things.


What have you lost?

I’ve lost my crocheting needle. My child has hidden it somewhere in the garden and he can't talk yet, so I must find it alternatively, via pendulum.

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What is the first step in finding something that is lost?

The first step is you need to wear a wizard hat or anything that you can wrap around your head. Whatever is important to you, whether that is a witch's hat, a scarf or a veil. The idea of this is to protect your energy. You want your Crown Chakra energy to flow down to your pendulum. It also protects your thoughts from doubt, and it helps you be more direct. It directs your thoughts and your focus, rather than you getting intrusive thoughts you don't want to think about in that moment. It makes you clearer mentally. 


How do pendulums have the wisdom to find lost things?

Pendulums sort through the myriad of answers there are to every question, to get to the truth. They are extremely useful for everyday questions and deep spiritual questions alike. Tibetan lamas say pendulums work by accessing your higher self-consciousness that resides above your Crown Chakra at what is called your soul star chakra, roughly six inches above your head. They say it's not the pendulum itself that answers the questions but your higher self that works through the sensitive tool of the pendulum that moves with the slightest shift of energy.

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How do you use your pendulum?

I always say hello to pendulums. I think it's very important to recognise their spirit and to not just use them as a basic, simple object as you would a chair, it's a very special being and should be treated as such.

They work differently for everybody. I like to ask the pendulum how it wishes to communicate with me. Different pendulums will give you different answers. So, every time I use a new pendulum, I hold it out and ask it, “Give me yes, give me yes, give me yes, give me yes” and really intend “give me yes, give me yes”. Say this with your voice of power. Say it as a demand. After saying this around five times you will start to notice the pendulum swaying in its own little way and you'll know this is its way of saying yes. Always thank the pendulum afterwards. Do this again for No.

For most pendulums, they circle in a clockwise direction for yes and in an anticlockwise direction for no. 'Maybe', 'not sure' or 'ask a better question' is answered with a figure eight symbol.

Be very direct in what your intention and your focus is using your thoughts and be very strong. Using your voice of power, which is from the diaphragm, not from your throat. It comes deeply from your core.

It can sound quite demanding and deep, though yours might not sound like that. A voice of power can also come from the heart, like saying “I love you” with feeling.

When you're using a voice of power, it gives no doubt to what you're doing. You're asking for what you want, and the universe responds well to very simple and direct questions and demands.

Even if you have a pendulum you use frequently, I still ask it the yes and no question every single time I use it. Even if every time it is the same answer, you should always check. It’s what the pendulum likes currently.

It is taught by Tibetan lamas to ask your question three times while holding your pendulum because your question needs to travel through layers of consciousness before it reaches your higher self.

Now I’ll walk around the garden holding the pendulum out.

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Is there anything else you do while walking around the garden and seeing which way the pendulum moves?

I ask if any guides want to help and come down through my central line to the pendulum. They can help find the crochet hook. I tell my guides, “I need help finding my lost crochet hook. It's lost somewhere in the garden. My child was playing with it, and it is lost, please, can you assist me in finding it using yes or no answers through this pendulum I am holding?”

I hover the pendulum above different areas in the garden and I ask either out loud or in my head “Is the crochet hook here?” Then I see how the pendulum moves. when it moves in a Yes motion, I stop and look in that area.

I visualise what I'm searching for. I will visualise the picture of what I'm looking for and I hold that image in my mind. I try and keep my attention on the image and on my belly, the power centre of the body. I'm focusing on the visual of the crochet hook and the feeling of my belly, keeping my arm very steady and as still as possible, while I hold out the pendulum.

I walk around the place where I think it might be and I might get little notions from my guides. I'm getting little images or being drawn in certain directions.

Now the pendulum stopped swinging, I don't know what that means so I'm just going to ask my guides, “In this area?" I allow them to guide me, as that is what they're here to do, and of course I always thank them. And then again, I bring the image of the crochet hook back into my mind.


What can people do if they don't have visions or have a visual imagination?

You can think of the feeling of it in your hands or just think about it. You don’t have to see pictures. I see pictures, so I use pictures. You might imagine a different way. All forms of imagining works.


What else can you use pendulums for?

Any questions easily answered through yes or no answers. They are perfect for practicing Hoodoo and Voodoo, pendulums are used to divine answers, find water, crystal veins and lay lines. They're used when you need a direct, no-fuss answer. Unlike tarot where answers can be complex, the pendulum gives straight yes and no answers.


I can see you are actively walking and looking in the plants. Why don’t you sit inside and ask the pendulum?

The guides really like it when you are active in your search, just like with spell crafting, you don't just do a spell and then sit back and let it happen, you do something in the material world to have it happen. So, I'm using my eyes and hands, searching around, and using a pendulum all at the same time. 

The pendulum has quite strong movements now. I'm going to ask for what I want again. And I'm going to ask the crochet hook to come back to me. “Crochet hook, Come back to me. We need you here. Come back to me crochet hook”.

Sometimes when we lose things, it is for a reason. I ask the crochet hook what it needs, and what I need to do to have it come back. I get in tune with the threads that connect me to the object. And pull back the threads in my imagination.

The crochet hook has replied, “I’m a crochet hook, not a wand for your child to play with”. So, I apologised and promise not to give it to my child to play with. And I must keep that promise.

Once you’ve found what you're looking for, thank it for coming back to you, and look after it.


What if you do all this and still can’t find what you are looking for?

The pendulum isn't a superhero. The crochet hook is not going to materialise just because you did something a bit witchy. There's no guarantee. Not finding something you’ve lost happens all the time.

Using a pendulum is like a boost. It's a little boost to help you get where you need to go. That's all.

Even as I walk through my garden now, I think about the possibility that the fairies may have stolen it! If that is the case, I probably will never find it!


How do you come to terms with the fact that you may never find that crochet hook?

It can take time, so if you don't find it, keep the threads that bind you to your lost item open. It’s important not to get angry at the lost item. Don't get frustrated. Just keep it in mind, and think about where it might be, but not in a sense of how I can find it. Just imagine it sitting comfortably and think fondly of your lost item.

Maybe the crocheting that I was going to do wasn't meant to be done at this time. Maybe I was meant to do something else with my day. You must trust that these things can happen for a reason, a reason that benefits you. Loosing things is not always a hinderance upon you and could be a blessing. 


Could that be a reason why the crochet hook disappeared, and you can't find it?

I thought that when I was looking for it. The thought came to me that "Oh, maybe I'm not supposed to crochet right now, I'm supposed to do something else. And I made a promise. I said this out loud.

I said, “if I find my crochet hook today, I promise that I won't crochet with it.” In that way I will still find the object and I will also follow the universe's guidance to do something else. In this case, it wasn't to crochet my cloak, instead I will finish the embroidery on my wizard hat. 

Most the people will probably use this technique for finding things like keys or wallets. It’s easy to get angry at the thing you've lost. Sometimes people storm around, swear their head off, or blame their kids. Think about it, if that lost item was a dog and you were angry at it because it ran away, it’s not going to want to come back to you. You need to treat it kindly yet with clear direction.

You’ve got to think loving thoughts and don't hold a grudge against a lost object, which people can tend to do. 

Think of this object as a loved one or dear friend. The universe responds well to kindness.  

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What about people who would beat up on themselves about losing something?

Well, that's not getting your lost item back. Let's say I lose my keys and then I spend all that time beating up on myself when I could be looking for it. Judging yourself is not solving your problem, it's not fixing it.

Hating on yourself, is not going to get you there. Focus on the task at hand, which is finding your lost object.


How long do you keep using your pendulum for looking for your crochet hook?

You need to take breaks. It's getting dark outside now and it’s started to rain. I've become drained from dowsing. Once you start feeling tired, you need to ground yourself. Maybe have a snack, stand barefoot on the moist earth or meditate.

If it wants to turn up, it'll turn up.


Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

You will find after practicing often and gaining a connection with your pendulum, that pendulums are very sure of the answers they give. This is helpful if you struggle to make decisions, or on the other end of the spectrum if you struggle to change your mind when you decide on something and stick to your answer even if you're proved wrong.

Both the soul star chakra and your higher self are connected to your Akashic records, past lives, and your karmic past. Working with pendulums is useful if you're interested in working with these paths of knowledge.

The more you work with your pendulum the more communication you can receive from your higher self. This is helpful because your higher self does not lie. The more you work with your higher self the more you can find answers delivered directly to your intuition.

Remember, you can follow all these steps to a tee and still be unable to find certain things you've lost. It is the way of the material world. We must work with what is given to us. All in all, a pendulum makes for a great companion when searching for lost things. 

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