The Power of Blue: Spirituality, Magick, and Protection

The Power of Blue: Spirituality, Magick, and Protection ~ By the Beckoning Broom Sacerdotes

The colour blue holds profound significance in spirituality, witchcraft, and the occult, spanning centuries of influence. It is a hue that evokes tranquillity, serenity, and stability, while simultaneously harbouring an air of mystery, magick, and the unknown.

In this article we will explore easy and effective ways you can utilise the colour blue into your spiritual practice.

In this article:
  1. The Frequency & Vibration of Blue
  2. How to Use Blue for Protection
  3. The Empowering Essence of Blue
  4. A Guide to Using Blue in Divination & Intuition
  5. How to Incorporate the Mysticism of Blue in Spells and Ritual
  6. Using Blue in Ancestors & Deity Rituals to Harness the Power of the Divine
  7. Using Crystals & Stones to Unleash the Power of Blue
  8. To Sum Up

The Frequency and Vibration of Blue

The vibrational frequency of blue possesses angelic qualities, shielding against negativity while still enabling personal growth and learning. This adaptable form of protection allows for personal evolution, unimpeded by hindrances, and facilitates harmonious alignment with one's life path.


From a scientific perspective, blue possesses a short wavelength of around 450 (nm) and high frequency of 6.66 (1014 Hz), allowing it to be perceived more readily by the human eye compared to other colours in the spectrum. Its visibility is heightened, explaining why a YouGov study revealed blue to be the world's most favoured colour.

Bronze pentagram wind chime with blue beads and bells

Bronze pentagram wind chime with royal blue glass beads and bells

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 How to Use Blue for Protection

To safeguard against ill fortune or harm associated with the evil eye, various cultures have long revered the colour blue for its protective properties. Blue objects or symbols, such as beads or eyes, deflect malicious intentions directed by those who cast an evil eye.

Symbolically, blue assumes a vital role in safeguarding against malevolent forces, offering a potent shield of protection.

In the realm of witchcraft, blue serves to lessen anxiety, fears, and paranoia. While black veils all energies and keeps them at a distance, providing comprehensive protection, blue offers a different kind of shield—one that is protective yet enabling. It fosters grounding and protection, banishing negative energies while promoting calmness and tranquillity.

The ancient Egyptians recognised blue as a conduit of magickal powers, employing blue amulets and talismans to ward off evil spirits and protect against harm. In magickal and energetic practices, blue holds versatile applications for protection. 

The colour blue possesses a profound significance in various magickal and energetic endeavours, particularly when it comes to safeguarding oneself. Below, you will find a few methods through which you can incorporate the colour blue into your protective rituals:

1. Blue Visualisation: Begin by closing your eyes and envisaging a luminous, azure light enveloping you or forming a safeguarding shield around your being. Allow this radiant blue light to serve as a protective barrier, repelling any negative energy and ensuring your safety. Maintain this visualisation for several minutes, allowing the blue light to fortify and strengthen your protective shield.

A key ring with blue evil eye beads and two leafy trees in silver


2. Blue Protection Charm or Amulet: Craft or purchase a protective charm or amulet fashioned from materials of a blue hue. Consider utilising a small pouch containing protective herbs, crystals, written affirmations that embody your intention for protection, or an evil eye amulet. Carry or wear this charm as a constant reminder of your purpose and as a symbol of the protective energy inherent in the colour blue.

Blue green fox face key ring


3. Ritual Bathing: Infuse your bathwater with blue-coloured herbs or flowers, such as dried butterfly pea flowers or cornflowers. As you soak, visualise the blue water cleansing your aura and invoking the protection you seek. Focus on your intention and allow the water to imbue you with the qualities associated with the colour blue.

Witches burrs in handmade blue raffia box


Remember to trust your intuition and adapt these practices to align with your personal beliefs and preferences. Furthermore, combining the colour blue with other protective practices and techniques can amplify its effectiveness. You will see more practices below.

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The Empowering Essence of Blue

Blue is a hue renowned for its associations with nobility, power, and resilience. It is frequently donned in regal and leadership attire, emanating a sense of authority and confidence.

In the realms of magick, blue serves as a symbol of the mind's potency and intellect, believed to heighten mental clarity and concentration. 

When the human eye beholds the colour blue, it evokes a distinctive reaction within the brain, inducing positive effects on mood, emotions, and cognitive prowess. For instance, a study revealed that exposure to blue light before sleeping improved sleep quality and fostered heightened alertness the following morning. One study found that households with blue bedrooms had the best night’s sleep compared to any other colour. This is the blue colour, not blue light from devices. The blue light from devices promotes wakefulness. 

Further research has demonstrated that the colour blue aids in stress reduction, anxiety alleviation, blood pressure moderation, and even enhances memory retention and learning capabilities. 

Moreover, blue is frequently chosen in therapeutic environments to promote relaxation and mitigate symptoms of depression and anxiety. With its tranquilising influence, blue possesses a calming and soothing impact on the mind, becoming synonymous with peace and serenity.

The colour blue is inherently linked to the heavens and water, both emblematic of purity and purification. It also reduces anxiety and repels negative energies. 

Crystal sodalite star pentagram pendant on sterling silver necklace chain


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A Guide to Using Blue in Divination & Intuition

Within the realms of witchcraft and the occult, the colour blue possesses a profound influence associated with psychic abilities, intuition, and divination. 

Blue has long been intertwined with the divine and the sacred in numerous spiritual traditions. It symbolises the heavens and the boundless expanse of the sky, embodying the infinite and the eternal. 

Furthermore, blue serves as a representation of spiritual insight and wisdom. Often associated with the third eye or the pineal gland, it signifies spiritual intuition and heightened perception.

In certain practices, blue is also linked to Neptune, a mystical and spiritual force. Neptune is attributed to dreams, intuition, and the subconscious, and incorporating the colour blue is believed to unlock the powers associated with this planet. 

Moreover, blue embodies truthfulness, trust, and wisdom. Utilising blue in divination readings enhances the authenticity of the experience, enabling you to convey the truth. This colour boasts a profound connection to spirituality and other realms, symbolising the well of knowledge known as Urd, the birthplace of Runes. 

To incorporate the colour blue into your divination practices and enhance your intuition, insight, and clarity, consider the following approaches: 

- Blue Candles: Light a blue candle during divination sessions to establish a serene and focused atmosphere. Position the candle nearby or in front of you as you engage in techniques such as scrying, pendulum dowsing, tarot, bone, she-oak seed pods or rune readings. The calming blue flame fosters a receptive ambiance for your divination work.

Handcrafted blue candle aflame with black drips


- Blue Cloth or Tarot Spread Cloth: Utilise a blue-coloured cloth as the base or spread cloth for your divination tools. The tranquil blue hue serves as a backdrop, promoting a clear and peaceful mindset during your divination practice.

Blue witches flag tarot spread altar cloth with gold pentagram


- Blue Aura Cleansing: Prior to engaging in divination, purify and cleanse your aura using the colour blue. Visualise yourself enveloped in a vibrant blue light, which acts as a protective and purifying shield. This practice clears away any distracting or negative energies that might interfere with your divination session. 

Three tiered bronze pentagram wind chime with blue beads and bells


Remember to trust your intuition and explore various ways to incorporate the colour blue into your divination practice, finding what resonates best with you. 

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How to Incorporate the Mysticism of Blue in Spells and Ritual 

The colour blue evokes a sense of depth, mystery, and the enigmatic. It symbolises the boundless expanse of the universe and the profound power of the subconscious mind. 

Within the realms of magick, blue holds significant importance in spells and rituals that involve communication with spirits and entities from the ethereal plane. 

Blue serves as a conduit for healing, tranquillity, and truth. Light blue is intimately linked to the throat chakra, which, when energised, empowers you to express your genuine self without guilt or shame. This vibrant energy enables love to radiate from your words, actions, and even your gaze. 

The throat chakra often requires frequent clearing and alignment, as it is a delicate energy centre easily thrown off balance by distorting the truth, excessive apologies, or failing to assert oneself. 

The third eye chakra is associated with dark blue. It represents intuition, wisdom, and higher consciousness. When this chakra is balanced, it enhances clarity, insight, and the ability to perceive the unseen.

Dark blue serves as a reminder to explore our inner selves, embrace intuition, and connect with the depths of our being, unlocking a realm of profound spiritual awareness. 

Long colourful chakra tapestry


There exist numerous ways to infuse the magick of blue into your spell work. Here are a few suggestions: 

1. Altar Setup: Dedicate an altar to your intention and incorporate items of blue hue. Place blue crystals, candles, fabric, or other symbolic objects associated with your intention on the altar. This will anchor the energy of the colour blue and centre your intention.

A packet of blue spell candles for peace


2. Spell Bags or Sachets: Fashion a spell bag or sachet by selecting herbs, flowers, or other ingredients associated with the colour blue and your intention. Arrange these components within a blue-coloured bag or fabric pouch. You may also include blue crystals or inscribe your intention on a small piece of paper to add to the bag. Carry or keep the spell bag in a significant place to attract the desired energy.

Sodalite crystal crescent moon pendant with sterling silver necklace chain


3. Sigils or Symbols: Craft or draw a unique sigil or symbol that represents your intention, incorporating the colour blue into the design. Concentrate on the sigil or symbol while visualising your desired outcome. You can place the sigil on your altar, carry it with you, or burn it as part of your spell work.

Blue velvet shoulder bag with pentagram


4. Glamour Magick: Go all out. Wear a blue robe, paint your nails blue, put on a big chunky blue necklace and other jewellery. Theme yourself blue to embody the essence of the colour.

Blue howlite crystal hand carved necklace with sterling silver bale


Remember, these examples merely scratch the surface of the myriad ways you can incorporate the colour blue into your spells. Feel free to adapt and personalise your spell work based on your intuition and specific intentions. Experiment with different methods and rituals to discover what resonates best with you.

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Using Blue in Ancestors & Deity Rituals to Harness the Power of the Divine 

In numerous spiritual traditions, the colour blue is regarded as a profound symbol of the higher self and the divine. It represents the profound journey toward enlightenment and transcendence. This significance is evident in the depictions of goddesses associated with wisdom, enlightenment, and spiritual insight, such as the revered Hindu goddess Saraswati, who is often adorned in blue attire. 

Blue has long been intertwined with the concept of the mother goddess, symbolising nurturing, fertility, and the life-giving force of nature. In ancient Egypt, the goddess Isis, the mother of all creation and protector of the Pharaohs, was frequently portrayed draped in blue. Similarly, within Celtic tradition, the goddess Brigid was revered as the deity of poetry, healing, and childbirth, with the colour blue closely associated with her.

The association between the colour blue and Mother Mary can be traced back to the artistic traditions of medieval Europe. During this era, colour symbolism played a crucial role in conveying religious and spiritual concepts. Blue was often used to depict the heavens, symbolising the divine and the spiritual realm. By representing Mother Mary adorned in a blue mantle, artists were able to convey her spiritual significance and profound connection to the divine. 

Blue has long been linked to the power and authority of kings and rulers, often utilised to symbolise their divine right to govern. In ancient Egypt, the god Amun, the king of the gods and ruler of the universe, was frequently depicted adorned in blue. 

In the Hindu tradition, Lord Vishnu, responsible for preserving the universe, is often depicted with blue skin, signifying his divine power. Additionally, Lord Krishna, associated with love, joy, and spiritual enlightenment, is also associated with the colour blue. In Buddhism, blue represents the vastness and infinity of the universe. 

The colour blue holds sacred significance to Odin. Incorporating blue into rituals can invoke his wisdom and knowledge. Odin himself wore a distinctive blue cloak, and even when he appeared in mortal form, people recognised him by this iconic garment. 

Blue also holds profound connections to the element of water, a potent force within witchcraft and the occult. Water is frequently utilised in ritual baths and offered to spirits and deities, with the colour blue representing the power and fluidity of the water element. 

Moreover, blue is deeply intertwined with ocean magick and sea deities. If your ancestors lived near the sea or had a strong bond with it, offering something blue can be a fitting tribute to their memory. 

Handcrafted blue abalone shell scrying black mirror


Blue is a prevalent colour in the sky, the sea, and bodies of water, and has long been associated with the spiritual and mystical aspects of nature. In ancient cultures, the sky represented the heavens and the realm of the divine, with the colour blue seen as a representation of this profound connection. This explains why goddesses associated with the sky or the heavens, such as the Greek goddess Athena, were often portrayed adorned in blue. 

The colour blue is also utilised to represent the spiritual world in Aboriginal culture. The Dreamtime, or the spiritual realm, is perceived as the abode of ancestral spirits. Blue is employed to depict the spirit world and the potent energy of these ancestral beings. 

Aboriginal art often portrays the Wandjina, a powerful ancestral spirit from the Kimberley region of Western Australia, as a large white figure with blue eyes and blue lines adorning its body, symbolising the spirit's energy and power. 

Key ring with blue evil eye beads and silver tree of life


Incorporating the colour blue into ancestor magick rituals can facilitate communication, connection, and honour to your ancestors. Here are some ways you can integrate the colour blue into your ancestor and deity magick practices: 

Ancestor Offerings: Prepare offerings for your ancestors, such as their favourite food, drink, or objects connected to them or the deity. Arrange these offerings on a blue plate or in blue containers, infusing them with the energy of the colour blue. Blue represents the link between the earthly and spiritual realms, bridging the gap between you and your ancestors or deity.


Bronze triple moon goddess wind chime with blue beads and bells


Divination Tools: Utilise divination tools that incorporate the colour blue, such as a scrying mirror with a blue frame, blue-coloured runes, or a blue pendulum. These tools can assist in facilitating communication and receiving messages from your ancestors or deity. Focus on the blue colour and allow it to guide you in interpreting their guidance and wisdom.

Handmade blue tempered glass rune set


Blue Ancestor Prayer or Mantra: Craft a prayer or mantra specifically for your ancestor or deity rituals and practices. Incorporate the colour blue into the words or imagery you employ. For example, visualise a blue door opening to the realm of your ancestors or deity as you recite the prayer or mantra, signalling your intent to connect and receive their guidance.

    Blue howlite crystal inverted triangle trinity pendant on sterling silver necklace chain


    Remember, trust your intuition and adapt these practices to suit your unique relationship with your ancestors, deities, and the energy of the colour blue. 

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    Using Crystals & Stones to Unleash the Power of Blue 

    Blue gemstones possess a captivating allure, their mystical properties enhancing psychic abilities and intuition, making them invaluable in the realm of magickal practices. 

    In ancient times, blue was a rarity and a symbol of opulence. Pigments derived from precious minerals like lapis lazuli and azurite were painstakingly crafted, rendering them exclusive and exorbitant. Consequently, blue became synonymous with royalty and affluence. 

    The use of blue crystals in magickal practices is a personal and intuitive journey.

    To harness the power of your blue-coloured crystals, consider the following suggestions: 

    Set an Intention: Before engaging with any crystal, establish a clear intention aligned with your desired outcome. Define the purpose or goal associated with the blue crystal, be it communication, calmness, intuition, or any other attribute related to the colour blue.

    Sodalite crystal wand points


    Cleanse and Charge the Crystal: Purify the crystal energetically to align it with your intention. Utilise your preferred method, such as moon water sprays, sage or palo santo smudging, or placing it on a bed of sea salt. Subsequently, charge the crystal by basking it in moonlight, envisioning it absorbing the desired energies.

    Labradorite crystal wand points


    Carry or Wear the Crystal: Keep the blue crystal close to your body by carrying it or wearing it as jewellery. Allow its energy to interact with your aura and energy field throughout the day, residing in a pocket, a pouch, or adorning your neck as a pendant.

    Sodalite crystal inverted triangle trinity pendant on sterling silver necklace chain


    Infuse Water or Elixirs: If the blue crystal is non-toxic and safe for water use, you can infuse its energy into water. Allow the crystal to rest in a glass or container overnight, subsequently utilising the energised water for various purposes such as ritual cleansing or anointing. 

    Large blue candle with black drips


    Delving into the world of blue crystals, rocks, minerals, and stones reveals a realm brimming with metaphysical properties and energies. Let us explore some of the well-known blue-hued treasures and their corresponding metaphysical attributes: 

    Blue Lace Agate: Revered for its gentle and calming energy, this pale blue stone nurtures peace, tranquillity, and clear communication. Those seeking clarity of expression will find solace in its soothing embrace.

    Lapis Lazuli: With its deep blue hue adorned by golden flecks, Lapis Lazuli has long been venerated for its spiritual and mystical qualities. Linked to wisdom, intuition, and psychic prowess, it serves as a conduit for heightened spiritual growth and enhanced communication.

    Blue Apatite: Vibrant and captivating, this crystal resonates with clarity, insight, and psychic activation. It stimulates intellectual prowess, fostering personal growth, and serves as a catalyst for enhanced concentration and boundless creativity.

    Sodalite: Imbued with a rich blue hue, Sodalite embodies logic, truth, and inner peace. It amplifies communication, ignites the intellect, and fosters rational thinking. Often utilised in meditation, it evokes harmony, facilitating a tranquil state of mind.

    Blue Chalcedony: Translucent and serene, Blue Chalcedony is renowned for its calming and harmonising properties. It instils a sense of tranquillity and emotional equilibrium while augmenting communication skills and promoting positive interactions with others.

    Celestite: Transcending the earthly realm, Celestite captivates with its pale blue radiance. It serves as a channel for spiritual communication, paving the way for divine guidance and connecting one with higher realms. Furthermore, its calming and uplifting energy nurtures the spirit.

    Aquamarine: Resonating with the serene energy of the sea, Aquamarine, with its light blue to bluish-green hue, brings clarity, intuition, and spiritual awareness. It emboldens the courageous and safeguards against adversity, acting as a shield of protection.

    Blue Kyanite: Revered for its spiritual essence, Blue Kyanite possesses the remarkable ability to align and balance all chakras. It fosters clear communication, enhances intuition, and facilitates profound spiritual growth. In times of turmoil, it offers tranquillity and inner peace.

    Azurite: Deep and mesmerising, Azurite, often found alongside Malachite, grants access to inner vision, psychic abilities, and spiritual insights. Its influence nurtures intuition stimulates the mind and strengthens one's connection with higher realms.

    Blue Calcite: Radiating a gentle and soothing energy, Blue Calcite is renowned for promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and enhancing communication. It harmonises the throat chakra, enabling clear expression and emotional balance.

    Blue Tiger's Eye: Known as the melding of earth and sky, Blue Tiger's Eye, or Hawk's Eye, evokes enhanced perception, intuition, and insightful clarity. It fosters balance, protection, and personal empowerment.

    Blue Fluorite: Exuding a powerful aura of protection and tranquillity, Blue Fluorite empowers mental clarity, focus, and organisation. It is highly beneficial for communication, learning, and comprehension, facilitating effective expression.

    Blue Tourmaline: Rare and captivating, Blue Tourmaline, also known as Indicolite, fuels clear communication, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. It aids in releasing emotional patterns, facilitating open and honest expression.

    Blue Chrysocolla: Radiating vibrant blue-green hues, Blue Chrysocolla envelopes one in its calming and soothing embrace. It bolsters communication, expression, and inner wisdom. For emotional healing, stress relief, and serenity, it stands as a steadfast companion.

    Blue Howlite: Bathed in a brilliant sky-blue glow, Blue Howlite emanates earthy and soothing energy. Regarded as the ultimate crystal for cultivating patience, it serves as a focusing tool during meditation or studying, nurturing tenderness within. Wearing it around the neck aids in speaking one's truth. 

    These are just a few examples of crystals and stones associated with the enigmatic blue spectrum. Each possesses unique properties and energies, resonating differently with every individual.

    Explore the realm of blue crystals with an open heart and receptive spirit. Embrace the personal and intuitive journey they offer and allow their enchanting energies to guide you towards self-discovery and transformation. 

    Blue howlite crystal crescent moon pendant on sterling silver necklace chain


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    To Sum Up 

    The colour blue is a powerful symbol in spirituality, witchcraft, and the occult. It is a colour that is associated with the divine, the infinite, and the mysterious. Whether it is used in spell work, divination, or meditation, the colour blue has the power to enhance psychic abilities, promote spiritual growth, and protect against negative energies. 

    Find something blue and make magick!

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