The Sacred Beckoning Broom Blessings

The Sacred Beckoning Broom Blessings ~ By the Beckoning Broom Sacerdotes

In the realm of witchcraft, it is customary for the sacerdotes to bless a range of objects, including but not limited to jewellery, crystals, amulets, talismans, or other magickal items. The purpose of such a blessing is to imbue these objects with positive energy and protective qualities.

A black tag with string saying "this item has been officially blessed by the Beckoning Broom Priestesses" on it rests on a rock.

The term sacerdos, a non-gendered Latin word, is used to refer to a priest or priestess in the ancient Roman, Celtic, and Gaul’s religions. At Beckoning Broom, the priests and priestesses prefer to use this term to describe themselves as it reflects the ancient non-binary language.

A green candle with black drips with its wick alight rests on a bed of autumn leaves.

To perform the blessing, the Beckoning Broom sacerdos initiates a ritual that involves various methods such as visualisation, prayer, or chanting. The ritual comprises the infusion of the mantra "Always to help. Never to harm," as well as the use of elements such as candles, smudges, anointing oils charged by the elements, and sacred full moon water. 

A hand holds a lit palo santo smudge stick with smoke wafting around it.

In some cases, the sacerdos may also cleanse the object with smoke or black salt to remove any negative energies.

During the blessing, the sacerdos focuses on the specific purpose or intention of the object. For instance, if a crystal is being blessed for healing purposes, the sacerdos might visualise healing energy flowing into the crystal and infusing it with positive, healing vibrations.

Two skull shaped glass jars filled with black salt rest on a brown goatskin.

The blessing process has three distinct intentions: Firstly, to transform the object into a magickal tool, secondly, to infuse it with a powerful energy force, and lastly, to bind it to ethical use and higher vibrations. Once the object is blessed, it holds the energy and intention of the ritual, making it a powerful tool for the owner's spiritual practice.

A black tag with string saying "Beckoning Broom Always to Help Never to Harm" on it rests on a rock.

The object can be carried or used in daily life, and the owner can benefit from its positive energy and protective qualities. The Beckoning Broom blessing imbues the item with significant potency for its use in magick, giving it power and divinity, thus making it an official magickal tool.

A black tag with string saying "this item has been officially blessed by the Beckoning Broom Priestesses" on it hangs from a branch.

It is essential to note that this blessing is only available with the purchase of items from the Beckoning Broom store, as the sacerdotes only bless Beckoning Broom wares.

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